Plugin Alliance has announced the release of the Knifonium tube-driven synthesizer instrument plugin.

Developed by Brainworx, the plugin offers an emulation of Knif Audio’s 26 tube monophonic synthesizer with two oscillators, a 4th order ladder filter and a ring modulator.

The Knifonium is an exceptionally beautiful-sounding monophonic synthesizer that is driven by a whopping 26 vacuum tubes. This upscale synth features two tube-driven oscillators, a 4th order ladder filter, a ring modulator, and a gorgeous “steampunk” aesthetic.

The original hardware units are handcrafted in small batches by high-end audio device designer Jonte Knif, with his incomparable sense for detail. But as beautiful as these synthesizers are, the Knifonium is not just a piece of eye-candy capable of making “weird noises”. It is an exceptionally musical and inspiring instrument that offers countless possibilities for shaping and modulating sounds.

Knifonium features

  • Up to 8-voice polyphony driven by up to 208 carefully-modeled vacuum tubes.
  • A powerful effects section featuring well-known studio-grade effects.
  • A complete arpeggiator including flexible panning functions.
  • Over 300 presets included by top sound designers.
  • Mid/Side processing and onboard stereo field enhancements.
  • Modeled using Brainworx patented TMT technology for extreme realism.

The Knifonium plugin is on sale for the intro price of $199.99 USD (regular $299 USD). Use coupon code KNIFONIUM-INTRO-14999 at the checkout to get an additional $50 USD discount. The offer is valid until August 10th, 2020.

MUSICIAN Bundle or MEGA Bundle users can download the plugin and activate it at no extra cost.

More information: Plugin Alliance