Plugin Alliance has announced it is offering a discount on drumatom, a microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings.

drumatom V1.5 is the world’s first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings! Based on the patent pending Advanced Audio Analysis A3 technology by Greece’s accusonus, this application is nothing short of MAGIC!

drumatom reduces cross-microphone bleed on recorded drum tracks without altering the drum tones you worked so hard to capture. Using advanced signal analysis and processing, drumatom is so advanced it can determine the difference between a snare hit and a hi-hat hit, allowing you to reduce the level of the hi-hat from the snare track while preserving the snare sound, even if both snare and hi-hat were struck at the same time!

Drumatom is available from Plugin Alliance for $149 USD until January 31st, 2015 (regular $399 USD). Use coupon code potm2015-01 at checkout on the promotions page.

More information: Plugin Alliance / drumatom