Plugin Alliance has announced availability of Bass-Mint by Unfiltered Audio, an innovative new low-frequency enhancement tool designed to rapidly improve the bottom end of individual tracks, stems, and even entire mixes.

Unfiltered Audio Bass Mint GUI

Bass-Mint is capable of everything from subtle enhancement of low-end frequencies to completely reshaping the frequency spectrum from the subs on up.

Bass-Mint is an innovative new low-frequency enhancement tool from Unfiltered Audio, designed to rapidly improve the bottom end of your individual tracks, stems, and even entire mixes. It is built around five distinct modes, each with five carefully-tuned knobs to help you dramatically sculpt and enhance your mixes.

The heart of Bass-Mint is found in its simple frequency splitter with an adjustable cutoff, which separates the low band from the high band to employ different types of processing on each. From there, each of the five main modes offers new and exciting ways to tweak these high and low parts of the signal through a remarkably simple, creative, and intuitive workflow. Further control is provided via the six additional toggles on the right side of the plugin that switch on essential bass processing techniques at the flip of a switch.

Bass-Mint features

  • Multiband enhancement for separately processing lower and upper frequencies.
  • 5 carefully-tuned bass processing modes: Saturate, Resonate, Octave, Synthesize, and Overfold.
  • Minimalist layout with 5 simple, intuitive knobs for dialing in ideal sounds.
  • 6 additional toggles to automatically engage popular low end mixing tricks.
  • Includes one of the most popular saturation algorithms from Unfiltered Audio’s Dent.
  • Instant feedback from onboard Visualizer to see real-time spectral change.

Bass-Mint is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, at an introductory price of $129.99 USD until November 8th, 2020. The regular price is $149 USD. The plugin has also been added to the MEGA Bundle, MIX & MASTER Bundle, and Unfiltered Audio Bundle subscription services at no extra cost.

A fully-functional, 14-day trial of Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint is available.

More information: Plugin Alliance