Plugin Alliance has released a new version of the simple, fast, high-end mastering chain plugin by Brainworx.

bx_masterdesk PRO expands on its predecessors by adding new functionality and greater control to the easy-to-use mastering system. The PRO version comes with more powerful dynamics control and tonal options, new stereo enhancement modes, and more.

In the PRO version, both the compressor and limiter are upgraded with variable release times and linking options. The limiter also gains a new modern/classic switch, while the compressor now features variable ratio control, a CLIPPER option, and new “GLUE” feature for analog-style compression that gels the mix together before it reaches the final mastering chain.

The simple tone stack of the original bx_masterdesk is now complemented by a fully featured 3-band parametric EQ in the PRO version. Also present are high pass, low pass and dual resonance filters, as well as an onboard De-Esser—all of which feature expanded frequency ranges. Want even more tonal control? Take advantage of the newly included XL section for additional saturation, harmonics and color.

In addition to the Mono-Maker, which centers low-frequency content for focused and punchy bass, and the Stereo Width control, which can expand the stereo spread for a more immersive feel, the PRO version of Masterdesk adds new stereo enhancement modes not seen in prior plugins. The new M/S features include the Mid Signal Panorama option and the Stereo Enhance knob to provide even greater control over stereo imaging and balance.

Regularly price $349 USD, the plugin is on sale for the intro price of $199.99 USD, and existing customers can take advantage of additional discounts.

bx_masterdesk PRO is also added to all MEGA and MIX & MASTER Bundles at no extra cost and the plugin is available for existing FOREVER 29 users as well.

More information: Plugin Alliance