Plugin Alliance has announced availability of SPL’s Attacker Plus, De-Verb Plus, and Mo-Verb Plus, new and improved versions of three must-have Microplugs created by founding Plugin Alliance development partner Brainworx in close collaboration with SPL.

The SPL Microplugs are simple, straightforward, and yet extremely powerful transient shaping tools.

In addition to having new features like dry/wet mix, a latency-free peak limiter with gain reduction meter, and a plugin toolbar with undo/redo, A/B/C/D banks and reset function, the new Microplugs use new and improved analog modeling from the Transient Designer Plus plugin, making them sound and behave more like the original SPL Transient Designer hardware than ever before.

Changes in SPL Microplugs

  • SPL Attacker Plus: Same great transient shaper taken from the Attack knob of the SPL Transient Designer Plus.
  • SPL De-Verb Plus/SPL Mo-Verb Plus: Same great reverb and sustain reduction taken from the Sustain knob of the SPL Transient Designer Plus.
  • Built-in peak limiter with Gain Reduction indicator.
  • Dry/Met mix.
  • Plugin Toolbar with Undo / Redo, A/B/C/D banks and reset function.
  • New and improved user interface and core modeling algorithm.

The SPL Microplugs are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX). Attacker Plus costs $99 USD; De-Verb Plus and Mo-Verb Plus are $79 USD each. Owners of Attacker, De-Verb, and Mo-Verb can get the plugins for a promotional pricing of $29 USD each.

More information: Plugin Alliance / SPL Microplugs

SPL Attacker Plus