Plugin Boutique has launched a new Exclusive Bundles+ series collection titled Virtual Analogue Studio Bundle, offering over 50% off on United Plugins Front DAW, Goliath by Empire, and the Softube Tape reel-to-reel emulation.

Don’t have room for a mixing console in your bedroom? Don’t have the budget for a rack of high-end hardware compressors and vinatge EQ’s? Don’t worry! Plugin Boutique presents the perfect combination of plugins to allow you to bring the analogue mixing workflow directly into your DAW… Here’s how:

First, add a preamp to your signal with Front DAW and add the soft-clip saturation usually found in the wiring of classic mixing consoles. Then, shape the tone of your signal with the rich and musical, analogue-modelled EQ and compressor in Goliath by Tone Empire and add some secret ‘mojo’.

Finally, add some vintage warmth, cohesion and weight to your mixes with Softube’s faithful and versatile reel-to-reel emulation Tape.

The bundle is available for $99 USD for a limited time only.

More information: Plugin Boutique