Plugin Boutique has launched the Creative MIDI Collection, a bundle deal featuring creative MIDI effects plugins to enhance your production along with composition skills within your DAW.

The bundle includes iZtope’s Stutter Edit and Mobius Filter, AutoTheory PRO by Mozaic Beats, the Kirnu Cream MIDI performer plugin, and Producertech’s Stutter Edit video tutorial course.

iZotope’s multi-effect monster, Stutter Edit allows you to play effects like an instrument for creating fills, edits, transitions, breakdowns and risers with the press of a few keys! Stutter Edit has now established itself one of the most popular effects plugins on the market, finding a home in the collection of most producers and DJs due to its great sound, versatility and multitude of uses both in the studio and on stage.

Mozaic Beats AutoTheory PRO is an effective studio utility tool which allows users to play any kind of chord progression from any key or scale with ease, whilst playing basslines and melodies that match each chord. AutoTheory works as a filter that you play through in real-time therefore allowing you to never play out of key.

Kirnu Interactive’s Cream is an extremely powerful MIDI Arpeggiator which allows users to play leads, basslines and drums in new and imaginative ways. This plugin can be used both offline in a DAW or even in a live set.

Producertech Stutter Edit course is an inspiring producers guide created help you master iZotope’s unique plugin. The course skilfully explains how each area works whilst constructing a new bank of presets from scratch.

iZotope’s Mobius Filter adds movement and emotion to any prdoduction with it’s ascending/descending filter sweeps. This allows producers to push their sounds to extreme heights or even add subtle motion to a track. The filter allows users to create many different effects which can fit any genre or style of music production.

The Creative MIDI Collection is time limited and exclusive to Plugin Boutique, priced at £78.95 GBP / $105 USD.

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