Plugin Boutique has extended its sale on Eventide, offering up to 75% off on selected audio effect plugins.

Save up-to 75% off Eventide’s ground breaking and award winning plugins during our end of year sale.

Eventide Sale

  • Blackhole, a reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (at least the one we inhabit).
  • Tverb, a reverb plugin inspired by the iconic sound of the title track of David Bowie’s twelfth studio album, Heroes, recorded in August 1977 in the shadow of the Berlin Wall.
  • H910, a faithful recreation of the original H910 Harmonizer, offering unique combinations of pitch shifting, modulation and delay.
  • Quadravox, a unique composition tool designed to inspire songwriting, stack harmonies, widen instruments and offers creative innovative rhythmic sequences.

The sale ends January 1st, 2017.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Eventide