Plugin Boutique extends exclusive sales on AIR Xpand!2 & AIR Expansion 3 Upgrades


Plugin Boutique has announced its exclusive sale on Xpand!2, the multi-timbral workstation instrument by AIR Music Technology.

PIB AIR Xpand!2 deal

Yes, you are seeing the correct price..We are running the ultimate sale on the Air Music Xpand!2. Save 99% off the awesome workstation until 5th September exclusively at Plugin Boutique!

The AIR Expansion 3 Upgrades sale has also been extended, offering owners of any AIR plugin an upgrade at 40% off.

PIB AIEP3 Complete Select upgrades sale

Upgrade from ANY Air Instrument to this award winning collection of virtual instruments, precise sound design tools and creative FX and save 40% off the already heavily discounted bundle price exclusively at Plugin Boutique.

The sales will end September 5th, 2016.

More information: Plugin Boutique / AIR Sales

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