Plugin Boutique has launched a 24-hour sale on the Einklang + RGB Bundle, offering 50% off on the synthesizer instruments with 150 tone colors and the additional Red, Green and Blue tone packs.

PIB Eisenberg sale

EINKLANG is our first synthesizer following a new paradigm of sound generation. Instead of synthesizing sounds like traditional synthesizers according to a set of technical parameters (i.e. amplitudes, frequencies, spectra…), EINKLANG re-synthesizes sounds using instrument models. These instrument models can not only be tweaked directly in their musical parameters (i.e. loudness, pitch, timbre…) but also be morphed from one tone color to another. These key features allow the user to think in plain sounds rather than mathematical equations and to control EINKLANG with only few musical parameters. The musician can concentrate on musical aspects, while the synthesizer does all of the underlying technical processing.

The bundle is 50% off until January 3rd, 2016.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Einklang + RGB Bundle