Plugin Boutique has welcomed Freakshow Industries with an introductory sale on its creative audio effect plugins.

Freakshow Industries makes plugins that are meant to be played with. Explored like a bowl of cold wet macaroni in a dark room. Investigated and prodded like a washed-up carcass on the glass beaches we used to call home. Troubling secrets lie within, for the brave and foolish alike.

The following plugins are available:

  • Mishby, little tape machine that couldn’t. Twisted by forbidden science. Manipulated by the parasitic consciousness of a long-forgotten terror. It is a tape emulation disaster inspired by cheap cassette decks that nobody cared about, from companies that no longer exist.
  • Backmask is a chaotic reverser plugin inspired by a nostalgia for the sunny days of demon cult hysteria. Back when shadows were lurking around every corner, under every object, infecting the precious youth with subliminal brainwashing signals. Simpler times.
  • Dumpster Fire is what its name sounds like, a preventable tragedy of arbitrary pitch rotation. Featuring the latest in anti-utility advancements, it is not meaningful or intuitive. This information will not help you. Strike the eldritch match of transformation with Freakshow Industries, Dumpster Fire.

The plugins are on sale starting from £12 GBP / $15 USD until August 6th, 2020. The Back Alley Bundle includes all three for £50 GBP / $69 USD.

Mishby is also part of a new exclusive Dissonance Bundle, a powerful collection of plugins and samples to shape, twist, contort, distort and mangle your audio.

PIB Dissonance Bundle 2

Featuring twisted tape emulators, dynamic phase distortion and multi-effects for analogue and digital destruction, the Dissonance Bundle is capable of tackling any production scenario, from creative sound design to all-out sonic destruction.

The bundle comprises the Mishby unique tape distortion device, Palindrome complex granular sampler by Glitchmachines, Creative Intent’s Tantrum digital distortion, and Fractal Sound by Loopmasters, a collection of crunchy synths, atmospheric beats, melodic loops and mind-altering FX.

The Dissonance Bundle is available exclusively at Plugin Boutique for a limited time only, priced £74.95 GB / $95 USD.

More information: Freakshow Industries