Plugin Boutique is celebrating Halloween with two exclusive “Stranger Things”-themed bundle offers.

Priced only $29 USD, the Stranger Carbon Bundle includes the Carbon Electra software synthesizer and 3 expansion packs: Twisted Evolution, Dark Horizon and Neon Synthwave.

Something strange is going on in the studio. An exclusive, dark synthwave bundle has been set loose, and is immediately wreaking havoc on the world of music…

Containing our own inimitable four oscillator synthesiser Carbon Electra, alongside a range of cutting-edge expansion packs able to accurately recreate warm and characterful sounds befitting a certain unusual town in Indiana, the Stranger Carbon Bundle is an absolute powerhouse of synthwave creativity. Trust us on this one – friends don’t lie.

On sale for $39 USD, the Stranger CZ Bundle comprises the VirtualCZ phase distortion synthesizer alongside 3 expansion packs: Deep Space, Dark Element, and FutureCZ.

Hold on to your Eggos, because we’re going for a deep-dive into the Upside Down! Since a certain small town in Indiana became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its unusual goings-on, the music surrounding it has become a keenly sought-after focal point for synthwave producers the world over.

Now, with this Halloween exclusive, limited-time bundle from Plugin Boutique, it’s easier than ever to recreate the 80s-flavoured warm and characterful tones the show has become known for. Containing VirtualCZ – the tried-and-tested homage to the classic synth series from the 1980s, alongside a collection of its most popular expansion packs, each of which is designed to maximise creative flow whilst providing virtually infinite synthwave-laden possibilities.

The bundles are available to purchase until October 31st, 2022.

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