Plugin Boutique has announced the release of the Plugin Boutique Bundle, a collection of plugins and expansions at a discounted price.

A proud day for Plugin Boutique, as we announce the first bundle for the Bundles+ range.

We have put together a selection of our in house plugins and expansion packs that combined offer a saving of almost 40%, a free Zampler Expansion pack and 2 Rewards+ Tokens.

The bundle includes VirtualCZ, BigKick, Carbon Electra, VirtualCZ Expansion: Digital Nostalgia, BigKick Expansion Pack V7 – Tech House Kicks with Jamie Anderson, Zampler, and Hip-Hop Volume 1: Zampler Expansion 02.

The Plugin Boutique Bundle costs £115.87 GBP.

The Bass Music Bundle is the first genre collection to be released under Bundles+.

PIB Bass Music Bundle

Handpicked by the staff at Plugin Boutique, Bass Music Bundle is a selection of award winning instruments, effects and sample packs geared towards the heavy, distorted low rumbles of the dance floor.

With a saving of over 30% and 4 Rewards+ Tokens to be earnt – this selection is all one needs to get the music production juices flowing.

This bundle includes Sugar Bytes Cyclop, Air Music TheRiser, Cableguys VolumeShaper 4, FXpansion Maul, Plugin Boutique BigKick, and Loopmasters Cinematic FX.

The Bass Music Bundle is available for purchase for £202.41 GBP.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Bundles+