Plugin Boutique has launched The Knock, the first expansion for the Beat Machine plugin by DopeVST.

Plugin Boutique The Know Beat Machine Expansion

“The Knock” is the first expansion released for Beat Machine and we know you proper Hip Hop heads are gonna love it. This vital collection features 100 fat (and we mean FAT) new Hip Hop drum kits that explore the heavier style of Hip Hop production. This bundle is jam packed full of incredible drum samples including kicks that thump through the mix, snares that crack with the weight of a heavy stick and live sounding hi-hats and percussion that add that crucial atmosphere to any beat.

We initially processed all these samples through a hired Manley Massive Passive Tube EQ and a borrowed EMU SP1200 but as much as the SP1200 made the kicks and snares bang it took quite a bit of sheen away from the hi-hats and percussion. We thought about this for a while then decided to run them through our trusty MPC3000 instead, which fattened them up nicely but kept the top end tight and crispy!

The pack is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: Plugin Boutique / The Knock