Plugin Boutique has released an update to the VirtualCZ software synthesizer instrument that brings the sounds of the Casio CZ series of synths.

VirtualCZ is an emulation of the synthesis engine from the CASIO CZ range of synthesisers that were produced in the 1980s. It also functions as an editor for those synthesisers, since it can save, load and transmit CZ System Exclusive (SYSEX) data. VirtualCZ offers many enhancements and extra features to increase the possibilities and improve usability.

Changes in VirtualCZ v1.1.1

  • Notarized installer and dmg for macOS 10.14.5+.
  • Added MIDI SYSEX Receive to retrieve patches from the hardware to the plugin.
  • Fixed bug preventing selection of patch slot #16 (CZ101 SYSEX).
  • (macOS) Fixed non-alphabetical preset listing on High Sierra 10.13+.
  • (macOS) AudioUnit presets load faster.
  • (macOS) VirtualCZ is now 64-bit only, and requires macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher.
  • (macOS) Fixed installer not allowing installation on certain renamed Mac HDs.
  • (macOS) Fixed some edge case AU crashes in Live x64, Logic X.
  • Updated for new PIB logo.
  • Tightened envelopes.
  • Updated manual.

VirtualCZ is available for purchase for ‎£59.99 GBP / $99 USD. It comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats. Users can download the new update in their Plugin Boutique accounts. A free demo version is available.

More information: Plugin Boutique