PlugInGuru FuturX for Spire

PlugInGuru has announced the release of FuturX, a soundset by ExoSun for the Spire synthesizer instrument by Reveal Sound.

This library was programmed by ExoSun (aka Casey Baldwin) and is designed to work within many dance genres thanks to the fact that all 4 of the new Real-Time Knobs and Modulation Wheel are fully programmed to modify all 144 patches – quite often in drastic ways. What starts as a beautiful huge pad can be changed into a pluck synth with sample-rate reduction in seconds by moving only 2 knobs. With many patches that give credit to a myriad of legendary electronic musicians (Tomita, Van Helden, Jarre and Vangelis) and names from patch names from various Star Trek TV shows, this is described as “a library with spirit and soul”.

PlugInGuru call it FuturX because this is a “Future Expansion” library that shows how far you can change patches thanks to the new real-time knobs in Spire 1.1. Not even the factory voicing has any of the knobs assigned to their patches, so, they say, they are the first to support these 4 knobs.

This library features 27 – Basses, 17 – Sequenced, 2 – Bells, 4 – Drums, 7 – FX, 3 – Guitar, 2 – Key, 21 – Leads, 21 – Pads, 13 – Pluck and 9 – Synths in the main bank. There are 17 bonus patches included in a second bank.

This Bonus bank is a free download to everybody so you can check out the patches (download from the FuturX library page at

The FuturX soundset is available for the introductory price of $29.75 USD until March 31st, 2016 (regular $35 USD). PlugInGuru is also offering additional discounts in a Multi-buy sale until March 31st.

More information: PlugInGuru / FuturX