PlugInGuru has announced the release of the Kolours sound library for Spectrasonics Keyscape and Omnisphere 2.6.

PlugInGuru Kolours for Keyscape Omnisphere

This is library #41 for Omnisphere we have released! 120 Patches and 30 Multis that EXPLODE the range of “Kolours” you can work with!

VERY expressive grand pianos, Chill pianos, Hip Hop pianos, powerful Rock n Roll pianos = TONS of super useful and inspiring patches! In Multi Mode there are cool BPM Layered pianos inspired by modern artists that modify the piano in unique ways, well I did that for this library as well thru creative programming in Omnisphere!

There are also a bunch of ready to be used Splits in Multi mode and finally 5 complete cycling “Song Jams” that you can play along with by simply playing a single note in the bottom octave of the keyboard and then play the piano sound that is on the rest of the keyboard and watch the hours slip away!!

The sound library is available for the intro price of $32 USD until August 11th, 2019 (regular $39 USD).

More information: PlugInGuru