Blakus pocketBlakus

Blakus has released pocketBlakus, a free solo cello sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Inspired by a post by HZ I decided to have a crack at a simple single velocity layer, slow moving, expressive solo cello. So I dusted off my cello and prepared for the worst. I wasn’t extremely careful because I wasn’t expecting it to work – but it worked out not too bad for a 30 minute job!

I have zero programming skills so just be aware that it is very primitive and has limited use! I’ve also kept it dry so I suggest you soak it in your favourite reverb (even before playing it if possible LOL).

pocketBlakus features

  • Expressive sustains with progressive vibrato.
  • Expressive sustains triggered by playing velocities >90 – these are slightly louder in dynamic and feature attacks and vibrato that are slightly more immediate.
  • Simulated legato patch – using SIPS scripts. Easily customizeable – much easier to play single melodies with more flexibility.
  • Basic release samples (MA-Simon).
  • Basic mod control (MA-Simon).

The library is a free download from VST Buzz.

More information: pocketBlakus