Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of two new Omnisphere sound libraries by Rocky Mountain Sounds.

Polar Ice X is a massive collection of 1,020 presets, 52 multis and 126 sound sources. Each patch also has its own pre-programmed arp pattern that instantly doubles the value of this collection and expands on the creative potential.

Explore nearly unlimited pads designed to be lush, expressive and highly playable. Extensive use of modwheel and aftertouch transform each sound and invite you to explore. Beyond pads, Polar Ice X gives you an entire standalone collection of deep atmospheric basses and plucks – utilzing new custom soundsources from the Prophet 12 and Juno synths. Signature lead patches are super expressive and give amazing control when used with modwheel, pitchbend, and aftertouch.

A complete collection of ambient texture soundsources give you underscore elements that add depth and character to your projects. Polar Evo and Polar Genesis patches are great for crafting beds of dark and uneasy textures. They are combined with Omnisphere’s own “Whale” samples that inject the sounds of nature in an unatural way.

On sale for 45 EUR for a limited time (regular 59 EUR), the library also comes in the Unify format (optional) with another 59 extra bonus presets.

The RedMod Moog Tribute library for Omnisphere 2 aims to inject extreme character-filled pads into your next project, perfect for ambient and sci-fi cinematic uses.

The massive new update brings the total patch count to 120. More layers of awesome soundsources were utilized to create amazing new textures. New BPM pads were added exploring pulsating and Sample and Hold techniques for intriguing layering possibilities (which are also explored in the multis)

50 multis were created that explored stacking pads to create deep textures and inspiring combinations. Take a trip down memory lane with combinations that include infamous “Atmosphere” vox and string pads. These showcase the power of layering soft with gritty and dark textures. A handful of percussion BPM pads showcase some of the new Arp features. Bonus Sub Phatty custom soundsources are included for new content that doesn’t exist in either the Omnisphere 2 or Moog Tribute sample set.

The RedMog Moog Tribute library is 15 EUR until May 15th, 2021 (regular 19 EUR). Prices include VAT. This release also contains an optional Unified version.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio