Native Instruments has released an update to the Maschine software, bringing a new synthesizer instrument to the Maschine+ and Maschine music production systems.

Based on the Pro 53, Poly Synth is a vintage 16-voice synthesizer that is styled on an ’80s classic.

The latest MASCHINE update is out now, and it’s a big one! Introducing Poly Synth for MASCHINE+ and MASCHINE, a 16-voice, classic 80s analog synth built for creating sounds from scratch with MASCHINE hardware. Its cult dual-oscillator design does everything from warm bass to sizzling pads – perfect for the sound of hazy summer nights. We’ve also added new arpeggiator modes and swatted a few bugs.

Changes in Maschine v2.14

  • Added: Poly Synth – based on Pro 53. Factory Library also updated to add presets.
  • Added: Multi-selection of Clips in software.
  • Added: Change scenes via MIDI from Maschine MK3 (configure via SETTINGS > MIDI Tab).
  • Added: Host Kontakt VST3 (please note: it is not currently possible to host VST3 versions of the recently released FX plug-ins).
  • Added: Apple Silicon support: Maschine (standalone application) can be used on Apple Silicon machines when Rosetta 2 is installed (available from App Store). Maschine plug-in can be used in DAWs that have been launched using Rosetta (right-click on DAW application in Finder > Get Info > Open using Rosetta).
  • Added: Additional Arpeggiator parameters: Retrigger, Repeat, Offset, Inversion and Range (available from Maschine MK3, MK2, Studio and Konplete Kontrol S-Series MK2 controllers).
  • Added: Save presets from Maschine MK3.
  • Chaged: File paths in preferences are now shown in the standard POSIX format instead of the old Mac HFS format (i.e. slashes instead of colons) on macOS.
  • Chaged: Browser tag ‘Urban’ has been Chaged: to ‘Hip Hop’ for Maschine Projects and Groups.
  • Chaged: ‘Enabled’ / ‘Disabled’ have been Chaged: to ‘On’ / ‘Off’.
  • Fixed: Audio crackles when sampling (introduced in Maschine 2.13).
  • Fixed: Clunky scrolling when using a MacBook trackpad.
  • Fixed: Super 8 missing background image on controllers.

The update is available from Native Access, and Maschine+ users can get it from the preferences panel as well.

More information: Native Instruments