VST Buzz has launched a sale on the Polycom instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt by Synth Magic.

“Polycom” is a large library of Polymoog 203a and Polymoog 280a sounds used by the likes of Gary Numan, Gary Wright, Wendy Carlos, Chick Corea, Jimmy Destri of Blondie, Geoff Downes of Buggles and Asia, Freeez, Ralf Hütter of Kraftwerk, John Foxx (Metamatic album) and many more.

Possessing a uniquely distinctive sound, this library is perfect for all types of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Synthpop and Electronica music!

Polycom features

  • 6.8GB of sample content (compressed to 3.5GB).
  • Synth, Effects & Performance sections.
  • Comes with Original Zom Zom Polymoog 280a library and Zom Zom presets.
  • Over 450 great Polycom presets & Kontakt multis to get you started.
  • Arpeggiator: controls include Rate, Order, Strikes, Duration, Swing & Hold.
  • Effects: Chorus, Tremolo, Phaser, Delay, Fanger, Rotor & Convolution Reverbs.
  • Extra filter types.
  • EQ’s: A completely flexible 3 Band EQ.
  • Extra modulation routings.
  • MIDI sync LFO’s: controls include Speed, Depth, LFO Shape, Modwheel Amount & Sync.
  • MIDI Sync delays.
  • Amplitude & Filter Envelopes: including full ADSR controls.
  • Global Controls: Velocity, Pitchbend, Portamento & Volume.

Polycom is on sale for only 39 EUR until March 12th, 2019 (regular 100 EUR).

This sale is part of VST Buzz’s Indie Kontakt Developer Week, in which you can save up to 80% on a collection of 17 Kontakt instrument libraries.

More information: VST Buzz