Polyhedra has announced the release of FormKey, a MIDI app that is design to offer a new intuitive way to create music.

FormKey is the first MIDI Controller that makes you a better musician as you use it. Utilizing shapes to define notes and colors to define octaves, FormKey’s beautiful isomorphic keys aid in pattern recognition and makes discovering new chords easier than it’s ever been.

This is a MIDI Controller focused on playability and ease of use, but we’re just getting started. Download now to lock into all future updates. We’re going to make something truly special and unique. We want to give music to everyone.

FormKey features

  • Form Music Language: More than a MIDI controller, this is the first device to use the Form music language. A new way to read, write, and compose music.
  • Isomorphic Keys: Isomorphic keyboards allow you to learn and memorize note relationships and chords faster than a standard piano layout.
  • MIDI Controller: No fuss MIDI Setup is designed to get you to the most important thing quickly. Creating music.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Designed to be inviting and a joy to work with. The UI features easy to use controls and beautiful animations.
  • Large Key Area: Even on a standard iPad FormKey’s main goal is to give you access to more notes than common music interfaces on the platform. It’s the most accessible instrument on the iOS.
  • Wireless Support: You don’t need more wires cluttering up the space where you create. Connect to your favorite devices wirelessly using MIDI over bluetooth.

The app is available on iPad, at an introductory price of $2.99 USD. A Lite version for iPhone is free to download from the App Store.