Pornofonic Instruments has announced the release of a new Kontakt library featuring all-new electro-mechanical bass instruments constructed from a multisampled analog synthesizer, physical actuators, noise artifacts, and amp/cabinet impulses.

Building on the philosophy of mechanical sound, RootBass TANG charts new creative territory by blending all-new analog textures with mechanical and electronic actuators.

Pornofonic RootBass TANG

Pornofonic delivers rich new sample content to re-imagine the sound and feel of classic synthesizers, with a focus on root+fifth variants.

Carefully modeled, velocity-sensitive multisamples from an analog synthesizer are made combinable with keys, switches, old circuitry, percussive strikes, and articulations from analog waveforms and effects.

RootBass TANG captures the sound and feel of vintage synthesizers in a fresh, modern style: brilliant arpeggiators, intense leads, deep keys, rich basses, and gorgeous crossover instruments that defy classification.

RootBass TANG is available at an introductory 25% discount through May 31st, 2020 (regular $59 USD). The RootBass Bundle is 25% off during the promotion as well.

More information: Pornofonic Instruments