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Pornofonic releases RootBass virtual bass instrument for Kontakt at 25% intro discount


Pornofonic Instruments has announced the launch of RootBass, a Kontakt instrument library that recaptures the sound of classic bass keys, electric basses & bass synths from the 60s and 70s.

Pornofonic RootBass

RootBass has a distinctive sound that feels solid, real, and deliciously mechanical, featuring basses constructed from a multisampled vintage analog synthesizer, physical actuators, noise artifacts, and amp/cabinet impulses.

What separates a digital instrument from a mechanical one is the sound and feel of striking a key and sensing a mechanical actuator working the string or tine or electric contact. That unmistakeable, satisfying *thunk* is at the root of this instrument.

Blending carefully modeled, velocity-sensitive multisamples from a vintage analog synthesizer with both velocity-sensitive physical actuators—keys, switches, old circuitry, and others—and articulations from analog waveforms—sine, saw, pulse, white noise, and others—RootBass recaptures the sound and feel of classic bass keys, electric basses, and bass synths from the 60s and 70s: smoky tines, fuzzy basses, funky clavs, electric fuzzbox pianos, deep synth arps, broken rock organs, and old noise boxes that never existed yet sound like they should have.

Custom noise textures, which include several tape hiss and flutter styles, amplifier hum, vinyl crackle, VHS tracking, and electromagnetic interference, color each instrument with just the right amount of dirt. Routed through classic tape echo, amp/cabinet impulses, and effects, RootBass has a distinctive sound that feels solid, real, and deliciously mechanical.

RootBass features

  • 80 Presets.
  • 3,480 Samples.
  • 20 Instruments.
  • 19 Articulations.
  • 13 Noise Textures.
  • 124 Convo IRs.

RootBass for Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (full version) is available at a 25% intro discount through January 31st, 2020 (regular $59 USD ex. VAT where applicable).

More information: Pornofonic Instruments

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