Time+Space has announced the addition of Positive Grid software to its portfolio of top brands.

Established in 2008, Positive Grid has carved out a solid reputation as a developer of high quality digital guitar amp modelling and effects software including Bias Amp and Bias FX.

Originally created as apps for iPad and iPhone, and now developed as desktop versions for use in your DAW, these tools are great for those who like to spend time digging in and crafting their sound and just as ideal for users who simply want to plug and play thanks to the thousands of downloadable presets.

Positive Grid software

  • BIAS AMP — Accurate, thorough and versatile – Bias Amp allows users to design and customise almost every aspect of a guitar amp! The pro version also includes ´Amp Match´ which gives users the ability to virtually clone any amp tone in the world.
  • BIAS FX — The world´s first cross-platform guitar effects processor with key features such as an authentic analog effects sound engine, dual effects signal chain, dual amp tone, BIAS Amp integration, and thousands of user and artists virtual pedalboards on ToneCloud (Positive Grid’s sharing platform).

To celebrate Positive Grid’s arrival, Time+Space are offering 25% off on Bias Amp for a limited time. Available in Standard and Pro versions. Time+Space has also published an interview with Positive Grid’s Head of Marketing, Jaime Ruchman.

More information: Time+Space