Positive Grid has introduced Spark Control, a hands-free, wireless foot controller that offers seamless integration with Spark, an expanding library of innovative features and functions, and full compatibility with Spark firmware or app updates.

Spark Control comes with 4 pre-programmed scenarios that assign a combination of popular functions to each switch based on commonly used setups. Users can also save their favorite functions to four of their own scenarios for easy access, and store up to a total of eight scenarios.

Spark Control goes beyond traditional foot controllers with an expanding library of innovative features and functions. No complicated setups. No cables required.

With more on the way, current functions include these:

  • Assign and change presets.
  • Assign and toggle effects.
  • Start, stop, and pause music / backing tracks and Smart Jam.
  • Control features in our Experience Jimi Hendrix expansion.

Spark Control is available to purchase for $109 USD.

More information: Positive Grid