Positive Grid has announced the release of a collection of gear built to create epic soundscapes and fuel massive tonal exploration. Crafted for absolute sonic disruption, OMNYSS features 3 all-new guitar amplifiers and 6 pedal effects powered by the BIAS FX 2 platform.

OMNYSS builds its foundation on three tonal perspectives, each opening a passage to new worlds ready to inspire today’s metal artists, producers, and sonic architects. Each amp comes with its own signature synth-based BlackBox effect for a wider tonal array than any modern amp.

The blackbox effects of the amps allow you to create complex layers underneath the gain stage to subtly color your tone or add massive depth and drama:

  • Etheria: Heavenly, futuristic clean tone – Black Box: Orchestra Pad.
  • Aggralith: Responsive, tight sounding, modern hi-gain – Black Box: Synth Lead.
  • Viscerus: Raw, lo-fi, industrial, wide soundscape heavy gain – Black Box: Low & high strings.
Positive Grid OMNYSS collage

OMNYSS features a new cab module with controls for room mic, a reality mode for general jamming and practicing, and a studio mode for mixing, live gig, or recording sessions.

The following effects are included:

  • ZGate: Straightforward one knob noise gate designed for high sensitive gain stage.
  • Cypher Drive: Responsive overdrive pedal that transform every type of guitar into modern metal axe.
  • Dark Matter: The compressor adapts to every range with natural compression & exceptional clarity.
  • Cerberus: All new Drop polyphonic octave beast that triples and unleashes ultimate creativity.
  • Space Piercer: A sparkling shimmer delay with glitch effect.
  • Nebula: Multidimensional space reverb with shimmer, crush and surreal size.

Priced $99 USD, OMNYSS is powered by the BIAS FX 2 amp & effects software platform, and comes with BIAS FX 2 LE.

More information: Positive Grid