Positive Grid and Berklee Online have announced Music Writing and Production with the iPad, the first online music production course that teaches how to create, record, mix, and master music entirely on the iPad using Positive Grid’s Final Touch and other iOS apps.

The course captures the power of a full recording studio on a mobile device, and gives students the right recording, mixing, and mastering tools to write and produce on-the-go, allowing creative expression whenever inspiration strikes. Course enrollment is now open for Berklee Online’s Spring Term, beginning Monday, April 6.

“Berklee Online was founded to make the techniques and tools for creating music more accessible to people around the world. This course is a direct extension of that philosophy,” says Carin Nuernberg, dean of Berklee Online. Adds Berklee professor Andrea Pejrolo, author and instructor of this new 6-week course, “In Music Writing and Production with the iPad, you will learn the intricacies of setting up your portable studio and producing exciting music from anywhere you are!”

More information: Music Writing and Production with the iPad