Overloud has announced the release of PostPro Gold, a free expansion library featuring a collection of impulse responses for the REmatrix reverb effect plugin.

Overloud PostPro Gold

The PostPro Gold expansion library is dedicated to post-production. It contains 30 IRs and 50 presets designed to cover all the main needs of audio post-production.

PostPro Gold features

  • Groville Room — A beautiful Tuscany country house completely surrendered by the forest near Arezzo with a recording studio in its attic. Walls are made by stones and the impulses of many of its rooms have been captured.
  • Blue Room — The recording studio in the Groville attic. Its wooden-made structure gives the studio a very warm and smooth tone.
  • Metro — Some amazing IRs have been captured in the Madrid Metro. Different ambiences of the metro stations, such as the stairs, the corridors and the platforms, have been recorded.
  • Loft — Nice sounding 150mq Loft used as an inspirational lounge by musicians. Its tiled floor gives a brighter tone with a long reverberation time.
  • Backyard — Singular IRs sampled in the Tuscany country side at several distances. This is very useful in the post production of scenes on location.
  • Milan Duomo — A gothic cathedral located in MIlan; its imposing size ( Hight 107m / Length 148m) is the reason behind its beautiful dark and dense reverb.
  • San Sabino Cathedral — A romanic style Church located in Canosa di Puglia Bari. Because its interiors are fully in marble its reverb is big, deep like all the big churches but but nicely airy.
  • Other ambiences — A selection of other ambiences.

PostPro Gold is avaiable as a free expansion to all the REmatrix Full or Factory Library owners.

More information: Overloud / PostPro Gold