ModeAudio has launched Pour, a collection of ambient sounds & samples.

From the dark, brooding depths of the deepest bass to the sparkling, airy heights of soaring treble, ambient sounds breath with the undulating complexity of a rich, vibrant landscape. Here at ModeAudio, we’ve dedicated many an endless night in pursuit of purest, immersive sonic bliss, the latest result of which is our brand new sample pack, the sumptuous Pour – Ambient Sounds & Samples!

Across 150 intricately sculpted sonic designs, rich in tonality, timbre and texture, this release contains everything you need to create entire worlds of sound stretching off into the far distance.

Peer inside and you’ll discover 25 samples included for each type of sound, raining down from on high to fill your music with wells of euphoric sound. From delicate Ambiances, vivid Synth Textures and dark Sub Basses to sweeping Contours, kinetic Granulated Samples and flickering Noise, this royalty-free Ambient library will allow you to shift effortlessly through a wide range of moods and musical colours with satisfying ease.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Pour