PowerFX releases All Them Beats

PowerFX All Them Beats

PowerFX has released All Them Beats, a collection of regional, stylistic and historical beats and rhythms in MIDI, REX and Wav formats.

True to the PowerFX signature, the extensive beat library is expertly produced and organized within three categories, including: “Regional” featuring Brazilian (bossa nova and the samba), African, European, and other regional beats; “Genres” showcasing jazz, rock, country, and blues styles (Chicago shuffle, Texas shuffle); and “Greatest Breaks” such as the Funky Drummer, The Amen Break and Walk This Way, among many others.

All Them Beats features

  • 1.42 GB library including 430+ MIDI rhythm and beat files and over 1,000 acidized wav loops and rex files.
  • MIDI files were recorded live with an electronic V-Drum kit, assigned to General MIDI files.
  • Each MIDI file has been assigned appropriate sounds and tempo and has been exported as an acidized wav file and REX file.
  • Bonus selection of drum loops culled from PowerFX’s award-winning samples.

All Them Beats is available as a download and on DVD for $69 USD. The MIDI files are also available as a separate download for $39 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.

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digital lofi
digital lofi

I bought this and I’m still trying to get a decent download speed. It crapped out on my *twice* yesterday, both times after like 4 hours, the 2nd time because their website crashed. I have a fairly decent cable connection, so their servers must be slammed or really under-powered. My current freshly started connection is estimating between 6+ and 9+ hours – and that’s just for the first .rar. If companies are going to move a download model with these big sample sets they *really* need to start looking at bit torrent solutions.

digital lofi
digital lofi

I really should have opted for that as well. ASAP becomes sort of meaningless when you start looking at 36 hours invested in trying to download something.

But honestly I’ve downloaded some big freakin’ soundsets and this is the first time I’ve encountered anything like this.