PowerFX Hoodtronica

PowerFX has released Hoodtronica, a production tool for making Nu Urban Music that combines the latest in urban and electronica production techniques.

Hoodtronica is the total production lab that comes packed (1099 files/960 MB) with the essential samples, tools and control you need to create modern masterpieces. Includes two VSTi´s, PowerFX Mini Drumz and the 3 layered power synth, Hütkins, and a collection of relevant midi files to drive the VSTi´s. Also, construction kits, additional beats, basses and synths, FXs and Rex files. This is a must have production for any producer working in electronica and or hip hop.

Hoodtronica features

  • Construction Kits: 28 folders/336 files/378 MB
  • Drum & Percussion loops: 181 files
  • Bass loops: 132 files
  • Synth loops n stabs: 143 files
  • FX sounds: 85 files
  • Rex: 227 files/105 MB
  • Midi: 152 files
  • Drum Hits: 142
  • PowerFX Hütkins VSTi Synth
    • 54 Instruments (15 basses and 39 Synths)
    • 3 Instrument Layers
    • ADSR, level, pan ansd control for each instrument
    • Filter
    • LFO
    • Send FX Chorus, Delay
    • Master Reverb FX
  • PowerFX Mini Drumz VSTi
    • Includes 40 kits!
    • Retro Beat Boxes (Ace Tone Rhythm Ace, DMX, Linn 9000, Drumulator, SP-12)
    • Electro Drumsets (Simmons, Tama Tech Star)
    • Electro Hip Hop custom kits
    • Individual Midi Channel select
    • High Pass and Pole Filtering
    • Loads custom SF2 drum kits

Hoodtronica is available for download for $79 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.