PowerFX HumBox VM1

PowerFX has released HumBox VM1, a VSTi synth with advanced structure for manipulating sounds that allows a quick creation of quality backing vocals and solo lines, realistic scat melodies and original sound effects.

It sounds unique as a melodic line, scat or backing vocal simulation as well as an effect for a Movie & Game soundtrack. VM1 is very sensitive to what you’re playing. Press a few MIDI keys and you’ll feel it! Listen to demo examples and have a blast using the HumBox!

HumBox VM1 features

  • 10 Voice Banks and 50 Styles, so each virtual vocalist has a few variations, in which he or she can perform.
  • Banks and Styles are named to help identify specify vocal character.
  • All Styles can be used in Solo, Dual or Poly mode, which increases possibilities for the user.
  • Automatic “phrasing” and “breathing”. VM1 has phrase Volume and Pitch envelopes and inserts noises in pauses, which animates the voices considerably.
  • Context Dependent Expressive Synthesis — an advanced system of patch parameters calculated on the base of musical context: Velocities, Note Numbers and music Intervals.
  • Easy interface with intuitive controls amd QuickHelp.

HumBox VM1 is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for $49 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and a demo mp3.