Precisionsound Chimes Collection

Precisionsound has released a new version of Chimes Collection, a sample library for HALion, Kontakt & Gigastudio.

The Chimes Collection is one of the fist libraries created by Precisionsound back in early 2004, still today there is nothing on the market except “Chimes Collection” what we know of that has the flexibility when you need a great selection of up/down chime strokes in different speeds. We thought it was time to re-launch this library and also make some enhancements.

Chimes Collection features

  • 54 stereo 24bit WAV files.
  • 2 mappings for both Kontakt & HALion.
  • The old 16bit Gigastudio version is still included.

Chimes Collection is available for download for $19 USD (+$11 USD CD/DVR-rom optional).

More information: Percisionsound / Chimes Collection