Precisionsound Gefle Bells

Precisionsound has released Gefle Bells, a unique sampleset recorded in the Bell tower at the city hall of Gävle in Sweden.

Each of the 36 gigantic bells has been sampled with care to catch each bell characteristic. Each bell has a very rich series of harmonic tones witch makes each bell quite unique.
Because the fact that the bells are hand made, they are not 100% chromatic (no bell tower are), even though the Gävle Bells are famous for being extremely well tuned.

Gefle Bells features

  • 71 Stereo 24bit WAV samples.
  • 3 programs for Kontakt and HALion.
  • 2 SoundFont 16bit programs compatible with Gigastudio EXS24 and all virtual samplers supporting the SoundFont format.
  • Three packages available (all formats are included when you buy the sampleset)
    1. Optimized, this package has some bells removed and others stretched to fit most musical styles and an expanded key range from B0 to C6.
    2. Original, the original recordings with all 36 bells just the way they sound in the reality. Some of the bells sound distorted, but that is actually the way those bells sound naturally. The “C1#” is missing, just because that the bell itself was too big to physical fit the bell tower itself. This program has a non stretched natural range from C1 to C4.
    3. Original Expanded, like the original but with expanded range from B0 to C6 and a stretched C1 sample to the C#1 key.

Gefle Bells is available as a digital download for $19 USD (CD-Rom optional).

Precisionsound currently has a 30% winter sale discount so you can get Gefle Bells for only $13.30 USD.

More information: Precisionsound / Gefle Bells