Precisionsound Lute Harp

Precisionsound has announced the release of Lute Harp, a new instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24.

The Lute Harp (Lauthenharfe) is a small 22-stringed harp with a dreamy tone suitable for folk, early music, and cinematic compositions.

We sampled all strings in four velocity layers, with four round robins and numerous glissandi effects. Our patch for Kontakt 3+ includes tremolo and arpeggio controls for beautiful picked patterns. The instrument’s range is three octaves.

Lute Harp features

  • Each string sampled with four velocity layers.
  • Release noises.
  • 37 glissandi and strum effects.
  • 4 round robins.
  • 473 stereo 24-bit WAV samples.
  • 1 program for NI Kontakt 3+ with scripted performance controls.
  • 3 programs for NI Kontakt 2+.
  • 3 programs for Logic EXS24.

The library is available for purchase for $39 USD (download)/$48.95 USD (DVD version). All formats are included. Full version of Kontakt is required.

More information: Precisionsound / Lute Harp