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Precisionsound releases Monzter Bazz for HALion and Kontakt

Precisionsound Monzter Bazz

Precisionsound has released Monzter Bazz, a bass guitar sample library for HALion and Kontakt.

Monzter Bazz is the perfect companion to Monzter Guitars, recorded with the same goal to give you a produced and ready to play killer sound suited for Nu Metal and heavy contemporary music in general.

Monzter Bazz has been recoded by Thomas “PLEC” Johansson in Panicroom studios.

Monzter Bazz features

  • Range of the Bass is B1 to B3 recorded in 3 ways parallel, Line (LI), Clean (CL) and Overdrive (OD).
  • 1,361 WAV samples (24bit mono) mapped in 39 programs for HALion 1.11 -> & Kontakt 1.2 -> each.
  • Articulations:
    • Long sustained notes in 4 velocity layers
    • Release samples for the long notes in 4 velocity layers
    • Hard staccato notes in 4 velocity layers
    • Soft staccato notes in 4 velocity layers
    • Slide Up notes in 2 velocity layers
    • Slide Down notes in 2 velocity layers
    • Slide FX and noises

Check the Monzter Bazz info PDF file for a complete listing of the programs and functions.

Monzter Bazz is available as an instant download for $69 USD (CD/DVD-rom available for an additional $11 USD).

More information: Precisionsound / Monzter Bazz

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