Premier Sound Factory has announced the release of Shakuhachi Premier G, a Japanese Shakuhachi instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player.

Premier Sound Factory Shakuhachi Premier G

The aggressive and expressive Shakuhachi sounds ever in 96kHz/24bit. Just one note highly inspires you with reality.

Under the supervision of the famous Shakuhachi player & creator, Mr. Yukihiko MITSUKA, our new development, “Expressive Whole Tone” and “Emotional Velocity” make a difference. With vibratos, transition of breath & blur, and change of strength & vibration, we proudly offer you the next generation of software instruments.

Shakuhachi Premier G features

  • Super High-Res Raw file in 96kHz/24-bit.
  • Complete playing style capability.
  • Emotional Velocity System.
  • 3 variation types of Shakuhachi.
  • Super Natural Legato mode.
  • Switching Condenser and Dynamic microphones.
  • Overdrive effect.
  • Available plenty of FX sounds.
  • Breath sounds at C3 (11 Layers).
  • Modulation Wheel CC#1 Volume Control.
  • Release noise automatically to perform true & real sounds.
  • Five varieties of convolution reverb.
  • NKS Ready.

Shakuhachi Premier G costs $99 USD.

More information: Premier Sound Factory