PreSonus has announced the release of the Presence XT Editor, a new add-on for Studio One for editing sound programs for the Presence Sample Player.

PreSonus Presence-XT Editor Main
PreSonus Presence-XT Editor Main Grid

PreSonus Presence-XT Editor Scripting

In response to customer demand for user-created soundsets for the Presence XT sample player found in its popular Studio One® 3 DAW, PreSonus® has released Presence XT Editor, a powerful Add-on for Studio One that enables quick creation of expressive sound programs that offer deep control and realistic playability.

A Presence XT Program (or Preset in Studio One) is made of a set of samples organized in zones and layers. Normally, parameter changes on the Presence XT main page affect all sample zones at the same time. With Presence XT Editor, all sound parameters are available per zone, layer, or program, so you can adjust parameters individually for every sample and on all three levels to create subtle or dramatic changes.

You don’t have to be a software programmer to create expressive Presence XT instruments and implement powerful performance control. Users can start by simply dragging and dropping in raw samples that are then automatically mapped across the keyboard. Alternatively, users can drag, drop, and modify Kontakt, Giga, or EXS programs.

Flexible layer parameters allow you to define variations, articulations, and key switches with just a few clicks. You can stack samples as velocity layers for dynamic sound-changes; define round-robin variations for natural, realistic retriggering; and assign layer variations to keys for fast, easy switching between articulations. Up to eight assignable knobs and eight assignable buttons can be named and used as performance controls.

Presence XT Editor’s easy-to-use scripting engine enables sound designers to add realism with manual or automated sound-shaping and sample-playback variations. The scripting engine uses the familiar JavaScript language and provides a range of possibilities, from basic legato to realistic re-creations of organ percussion and guitar fret noise, without forcing you to learn a custom scripting language. For users new to sound design, a handy reference guide is also provided.

Once satisfied, designers can export a compact Sampler file containing all samples, mappings, scripts, and settings. These files can easily be shared with other Studio One users via services such as DropBox or PreSonus Exchange and can be exported with or without password protection, granting the designer control over who can further edit the Sampler file.

Released concurrently with the Studio One version 3.2.2 update, free for Studio One 3 users, the Presence XT Editor Add-on is is now available for $79.99 USD.

More information: PreSonus / Presence XT Editor