Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on the Ampire modeling amp and pedalboard plugin from PreSonus, offering a 50% discount for a few days only.

Ampire features 5 amplifier models, 16 cabinet emulations, and a pedalboard full of effects.

So what makes today’s Ampire so great? Well, this time around, the boys in Hamburg leveraged their expertise in State Space Modeling technology to create PreSonus’ amplifier and stompbox models. This same technology also powers our StudioLive Fat Channel plug-in emulations of the venerated compressor and EQ designs that keep eBay in business—while also ensuring that the nuanced, variable sonic character of analogue survives its transition to the digital realm.

State Space Modeling isn’t about sampling old amps and effects units and getting some sounds within the sonic ballpark, no—State Space Modeling is the surgical measuring and re-creation of analogue hardware on the per-component level. Each capacitor, every resistor, all the diodes, and every circuitry element of the complete hardware schematics have their behaviour measured, modelled, and re-created… including even component-specific non-linearities.

The result? Wonderfully perfect virtual models of wonderfully imperfect audio hardware. No transformer unturned, no valve left behind.

Available in VST3, AAX, and AU formats for Windows and Mac, Ampire is priced $29 USD at Plugin Boutique until June 21st, 2021 (regular $59 USD).