Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on the PreSonus Fat Channel and Add-ons, offering 25% off on the entire range of state-modelled effects originally designed for integrated compatibility between Studio One and StudioLive mixers.

Fat Channel XT brings award-winning StudioLive processors and State Space models of vintage EQs and compressors to your DAW of choice. Fat Channel XT was designed to be the ultimate channel strip for any input or bus with a variable high pass filter, gate/expander, compressor, EQ, and limiter—all in one singular plug-in.

In addition to the classic StudioLive compressor and EQ modules, you get two State Space Modeled compressors and EQs recreated from coveted vintage studio gear. Need more virtual analogue goodness? Fat Channel XT can be expanded with any or all of the eight compressors and seven EQ models in the Fat Channel Plug-in Collection.

The Fat Channel XT plugin is on sale for $44.20 USD, while add-ons are available starting from $21 USD during the promotion.

The offer expires January 12th, 2021.

More information: PreSonus