PreSonus has announced that it is now shipping the StudioLive RML16AI and RML32AI, two new StudioLive RML-series models that offer line-level inputs, in addition to the XLR mic inputs found in the RM series. Otherwise, the new RML-series and the RM-series mixers are identical, with the same recallable XMAX preamps and up to 96 kHz operation.

PreSonus StudioLive RM32AI

Designed for live-sound mixing and studio recording, StudioLive RML16AI and RML32AI mixers provide 32 internal channels and 25 buses, a 52×34 FireWire 800 recording interface, AVB Ethernet networking, and Fat Channel signal processing on all input channels and all buses, including a 4-band parametric EQ, compressor, gate, and limiter.

You can control StudioLive RML mixers with UC Surface touch-control software for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad® and with the StudioLive CS18AI AVB control surface, which provides motorized faders. Combine hardware and software control to meet your individual needs.

“With the new StudioLive RML mixers’ line inputs, you have more flexibility both in the studio and on the stage,” comments PreSonus Senior Product Manager Ray Tantzen. “With studio quality, 96 kHz, Burr-Brown converters and integrated preamp and Fat Channel control from Studio One 3.2 or later, RML mixers make great audio interfaces, in addition to unrivaled mixers.”

Using AVB Ethernet networking, you can cascade any two StudioLive RML and RM mixers to create larger mixing systems. Combine a 16-input mixer with a 32-input mixer for a 48-channel mixing system or two 32-input mixers for a 64-channel system. Both mixers in the expanded systems can be controlled from a StudioLive CS18AI, from UC Surface, and from Studio One®.

A Stage Box mode lets you use StudioLive RML mixers as remote I/O devices in conjunction with StudioLive AI-series consoles. You can use the RML as simple I/O, bypassing the internal mixer, or as a monitor mixer and remote I/O.

In addition to UC Surface touch control software, these rack-mount mixers come with tightly integrated Capture™ recording software for Mac® and Windows®, with true Virtual Soundcheck mode; and Studio One® 3 Artist DAW for Mac and Windows. PreSonus’ free QMix®-AI aux-mix control software for iPhone®/iPod® touch enables musicians to control their own monitor mixes.

The StudioLive RML16AI and StudioLive RML32AI are available for purchase for MSRP $1,199.95 and $1,799 USD, respectively.

More information: PreSonus / StudioLive RML-series