Press Play has released an update to Wave Observer Pro, an advanced version of the oscilloscope and monitoring plugin for time-domain audio analysis.

Version 1.7.0 introduces a threshold indicator which allows you to quickly assess whether audio signals exceed a certain threshold level.

In contrast to traditional clip indicators typically found on level meters the threshold indicator shows you the exact point in time when the event occurred. It is therefore possible to inspect the root cause of the exceeded signal level (“it was the snare, I can see it!”).

The threshold level can be dynamically changed within the range of -50…+10 dB. The indicators on the oscilloscope screen update themselves immediately, so you do not have to set the value before playing audio. In fact, the updating works in pause mode as well, which means that you can analyze the signal levels later on.

Among other use cases, the new analysis capabilities can be useful to quickly determine the right threshold setting of a dynamics processor (compressor / limiter).

Wave Observer Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU) is available to Press Play patrons, starting from 5 EUR.

The free version of Wave Observer has been updated as well, including editable value fields and a refurbished UI.

More information: Press Play