Prime Loops D&B Producer Bundle Deal

Prime Loops has launched D&B Producer, a Bundle Deal collection of sample packs for drum and bass music production.

2GB+ Earth Quaking D&B loops; Featuring sub basslines, thumping drum loops, rasta vocals, monster sfx & much more to smash the club!

Looking for that extra boost of bass to keep the D&B crowd from slowing down!? Then you need to get your hands on our latest load of prime sample content, the massive ‘D&B Producer’ Bundle Deal! Peek inside and you’ll find all you need and more to make that next club smash!

Mixing together no less than 6 epic sample packs from amidst our bulging catalogue, you’ll find sonic inspiration in the form of electrifying leads, quaking sub basslines, monster SFX and hits, and of course, those indispensable drum breaks!

The bundle is available to purchase for £49.95 GBP (regular price individual packs £109.95 GBP).

More information: Prime Loops