Prime Loops has released two new sample packs.

Prime Loops Bulletproof Hip Hop

Bulletproof Hip Hop is the toughest new collection of hip hop beats on the block.

These heavy-duty loops and instrumental scores have been precision-made and expertly tailored in a high-grade beat factory, ensuring your invincibility on the streets. This solid consignment is full of deep kicks, crisp snares and claps, synthesized strings, acoustic and electric basses, subs, guitars and all the percussion you need to put a gangster lean in your tracks.

To get the party bouncing, grab this varied selection of 20 loopkits, broken down into individual instruments and beats, and carefully categorized by tempo from 87 to 100bpm. Keeping that lowdown flava, these beats are all in minor keys, and each one has added swagger and swing to ensure non-stop grinding on the dancefloor. Styles range from heavy crunking to sweet symphonic, for the playa who likes to flex a little class in the studio.

Prime Loops Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity

Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity features a comprehensive collection of 180+ dark and mind twisting electro house loops, topped-up with 110+ single hits and one shots for maximum impact.

All of the sounds in this 120bpm sound suite have been split over a wide spectrum of relevant sub catgories such as Drum Loops, One Shots, Percussion Loops, Sequencer Loops, SFX Loops & Shroom Loops. Available as Wav, Acid Loops, Apple Loops, Rex2, Reason Refill, Ableton, Akai MPC and many other formats, you’re only moments away from adding some freaked out flavours to any techno, house, minimal, electro or glitchy composition.

Bulletproof Hip Hop and Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity are available to purchase in various formats for £16.95 GBP each.

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