Prime Loops Dubcore Assault

Prime Loops has released Dubcore Assault, a new sample pack featuring 70 Drum Breaks & Percussion Loops.

Delivered by heavily equipped army supply helicopters, deep behind enemy lines, this hard-hitting consignment of guerilla beats and breaks was built to stand up to the toughest opposition in any scenario. Heavy-duty oldskool machinery has been fused with modern musical weapons technology, to create a hybrid selection of ruff and rollin’ riddims, ready to deal with the deadliest enemy in the jungle.

Originality is the key, so here you can find a wide range of tempos from 102-145, with jamaican, latin and nordic influences, leaving you to twist the genres into dubstep, reggaeton, hip hop, underground garage, leftfield breakcore, electro and all other kinds of serious bass music.

Dubcore Assault is available to purchase in various formats, priced at £12.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops