Prime Loops Dubstep Apocalypse

Prime Loops has introduced Dubstep Apocalypse, a collection of 215MB of dubstep loops, drum one-shots and FX.

The sky is black…the power’s off…there’s a scratching at the window…distant sub bass drifts towards you through broken glass…what’s happening here?! Is the day of reckoning upon us?! It is! From across the now barren landscape comes hurtling a Dubstep sample pack that’ll have you both screaming with mad glee and cowering behind your sofa – it’s “Dubstep Apocalypse” as presented by MRK1!

Dare you come from out of your house to survey the wreckage, you’ll find over 215MB of the most frenzied, fatalistic Dubstep loops ever to survive a nuclear fallout. From saw-toothed basslines, thundering drum loops and carnivorous synth leads to earth shattering drum one-shots and FX, “Dubstep Apocalypse” will put the power in your tracks to take control of the wasted dancefloor!

The sample library costs £17.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops