Prime Loops Dubstep SFX

Prime Loops has released Dubstep SFX, a collection of over 150 cutting-edge Dubstep SFX samples.

“Dubstep SFX” is the ultimate heavyweight dubstep sound effects library, dealing out the drops blow by blow, delivering the percussive concussion that your production requires to reign in the ring with that thumping phat bass wobble! This pumped up SFX powerhouse has been primed specifically for the dubstep massive and is essential to any artist, producer or DJ!

Hit back with your own original half-step soundscapes, fabricated from an epic abundance of hard punching effect hits, crescendo crushing glass FX, airy atmospheres, cutting intro sounds and much more. This sonic arsenal of over 150 professionally formatted dubstep sound effect samples is carefully organized into 9 easy to navigate folders: Bass One-Shots, Electric FX, Epic Rises, Filter Sweeps, Impact FX, Interstellar Intros, Momentum FX, Planetary Atmospheres, Sinister FX

Dubstep SFX is available to purchase at 20% off the regular price of £16.95 GBP through January, 2012.

More information: Prime Loops