Prime Loops Essential Flamenco Guitars

Prime Loops has released Essential Flamenco Guitars, a new sample pack featuring flamenco guitar loops.

This comprehensive sample pack exclusively created for Prime Loops delivers pure professional talent within this highly unique collection of 340+ Flamenco Guitar Loops directly to your fingertips. All key info and tempos are also present for ease of use.

An impressive array of styles are showcased here with tango, greek, spaghetti western, triplets, chord sequences, fandangos, classical, portamento and percussives, right through to staccato, pizzicato, dorian, harmonic, leads and baroque, siguiriyas, soléa, castilian jota, tientos, gypsy rumba, latin, zambra, tanguillos and many more.

Essential Flamenco Guitars is available for purchase as an instant download for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops