Prime Loops RnB Heartbreakers

Prime Loops has released R&B Heartbreakers, a collection of RnB construction kits.

Time to break some hearts – with ultra-smooth R&B beats, warm basslines, seductive percussion elements, airy synth lines and 5 fully-arranged (!) instrumentals! “R&B Heartbreakers” is your treasure trove for radio-ready, 100% royalty free sonic gems that will make any production of yours sparkle like a sexy pair of tender loving eyes.

Mastered to smooth perfection, five wholesome, full length R&B tracks ranging between 56 and 65 bpm make up this Casanova among the sample packs. Each of the songs is broken down into its parts, giving you altogether 90 loops and 35 one-shots that beam with studio refinery and provide any electronic set-up with that all-too-human touch of love.

R&B Heartbreakers features

  • Over 100 ultra-smooth R&B drum loops, basslines, synth hooks, one-shots and more.
  • Arranged into 5 seductive construction kits ranging from 56 to 65 bpm.
  • 100% royalty free.

R&B Heartbreakers is available to purchase in various formats for £12.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops